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ATV/UTV winch
China Ningbo Lift Winch Manufacture Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of electric winches for custom off-road vehicles, utility vehicles, ATVs, boats and yachts, electric winch, electric winches etc.We provide a wide range of electric winches from 2000lbs to 16800lbs, hand winches and custom off-road accessories. We sincerely welcome clients at home and abroad to visit and cooperate with us. Our products, electric winch, electric winches are widely exported to Europe, America, Oceania and Middle East, etc, and are well received by auto wholesalers, large supermarkets and off-road vehicle manufacturers.
electric winch
2000lbs Electric Winch
 Rated line pull  2000 lbs (907 kgs) single line
 Motor  Permanent magnet, 0.7kw/0.9hp 12v;0.8kw/1.0hp(24v)
 Gear reduction ratio  153:1
 Cable (Dia x L)  Φ5/32"*49'(Φ4mm*15m)
 Drum size (Dia x L)  Φ1.24"*2.88"(Φ31.5mm*73mm)
 Overall dimensions(L X W X H)  11.2"*4.1"*4.1"(285mm*105mm*105mm)
 Mounting bolt pattern  3.13"(79.5mm)
 Packing size  48*34*34cm 4PCS/CTN
 Weight  N.W/G.W: 20kg/22kg
1) Do not use winch as a hoist, do not use for transportaion of people.
2) Don't operate and spool under full load over one minute continuously.
3) While motor is overtheating, please stop for a while to cool down.
4) Limited warranty.
Pull,speed,Amperes,Volts(First Layer)
Line pull
Line Speed
  12V DC    24V DC 12V DC    24V DC
0 10.5(3.2)  11.8(3.6) 12         6
500(227) 9.2(2.8)   10.2(2.8) 25        10
1000(454) 7.5(2.3)   8.5(2.6) 40        15
1500(680) 5.9(1.8)   6.9(2.1) 60        25
2000(907) 3.3(1.0)   3.6(1.1) 90        55

Line pull and Rope capacity In Layer
Layer Rated Line Pull
Total Rope on Drum
1 2000(907) 6.5(2.0)
2 1630(739) 14.0(4.3)
3 1380(626) 22.0(6.8)
4 1190(540) 31.0(9.5)
5 1050(476) 41.0(12.5)
6 940(426) 49.0(15.0)
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