The electric disk drives the motor from the battery of the car, and then the motor drives the drum to rotate. The drum drives the driving shaft, and the driving shaft drives the planetary gear to gen…
So, no winch, no cross-country, cross-country people who have suffered great losses summed up this cross-country law.
We have also sorted out a set of "installation standards and specifications of dispatching winch", which you can see. However, it is only for reference. As we all know, a series of different winch in…
The frequency conversion mine hoist is the main equipment which is convenient for people and materials in the mine work. Efficient and safe use of frequency conversion mine hoist can not only ensure …
The advantages of variable frequency winch are mainly reflected in four aspects, which affect its use frequency and industry.
Hydraulic winch (hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch) is a winch product that uses the hydraulic power steering system or independent high-pressure oil pump provided by the vehicle as its power source.
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The relay receives the signal from the remote control. Inside the relay is a complete circuit to change the direction of the motor.
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The winch should be purchased according to the weight of the car and your hobbies.