5 tips of use off-road electric winch

2021-10-30 19:32:13

5 tips of use off-road electric winch

1. Do I need to pull or lift the object?

Winches and hoists have similar but substantially different uses. The main purpose of winch is to pull objects, usually working in horizontal position; Gourds and other similar tools are designed to lift objects, most of which work vertically. Choosing the right tools will help you meet your work needs, and it is the most effective and safe.

2. What kind of energy can I use?

If you choose manual equipment, of course you need your muscles. 12V / 24V DC is generally the common driving energy of automobile winch. 110V / 120V / 220V / 380V AC is generally used for electric hoist, while 380V AC is generally used for large winch.

3. What are loads and rolling loads?

Before using the winch, please carefully confirm whether the current working task of the winch is to overcome the load or rolling load. The load needs strong winch relay to overcome the surface friction between the object and the support surface. The calculation method is generally that the winch tension is at least 1.5 times the total weight of the object. Rolling load requires less tension, and after pulling, it can move by virtue of the rolling inertia of the object. If the rolling load is pulled on the slope working face, the tensile force needs to be calculated according to the slope angle. The larger the slope angle, the greater the required tensile force. Refer to rolling load calculation and its coefficient table for details.


4. What was chosen as the anchor?

Whether winch or hoist, a relatively fixed anchor is needed to support the tension fulcrum of winch or hoist to move the object. The anchor can be your car with winch installed, another car with stable parking, trees, rocks, or your own ground anchor.

5. How to bind objects?

There are three options. One is to select U-shaped shackle, which is mainly used to connect looped cables, belts, chains, etc., and can also safely connect winch hook. The second is to use ropes, usually nylon belts with high strength and toughness. An example is to use tree holding belts and trees as fulcrum. The third is to use the thread fastening pulley system. The pulley can double the tension of the winch and change the tension direction of the winch without damaging the steel cable. It is recommended to use more pulley system, which can reduce the power consumption of winch, reduce the power consumption of electric winch motor and prolong the service life of winch.