A detail easy to be ignored when installing winch

2020-05-13 17:02:52

We have also sorted out a set of "installation standards and specifications of dispatching winch", which you can see. However, it is only for reference. As we all know, a series of different winch installation standards and specifications need to be customized according to different mine environment.


Let's talk about a detail that is easy to be ignored when installing the winch:


The distance between the newly installed winch motor and the tunnel wall must be 50 cm, that is, half a meter. If the winch motor is too close to the tunnel wall, it will affect the heat dissipation of the motor and easily cause the motor to burn out. To be strict, it will threaten the life and safety of the coal mine workers. Even the temporary winch should be carefully installed according to the regulations to ensure the safety of the winch.


The laneway and chamber for installing small winch shall meet the design requirements, meet the requirements of winch installation and driver's operation space. The project quality must be of good quality, and there shall be no equipment and facilities nearby that hinder the driver's operation, affect the operation of winch and affect the driver's vision and attention. If the chamber fails to meet the requirements of the installation of the dispatching winch, the installation can be rejected.