Advantages and disadvantages of electric winch

2020-12-10 16:24:42

Electric winch is a common winch, which depends on the vehicle's own power system to drive the winch. The operating voltage of electric winch (ATV DJ): 380V, 220V, 110V are high voltage. 36V, 24V, 12V are low voltage (12V is DC. 220 V is AC).


Advantages: the electric winch can be used normally in the case of dead fire (its advantages are incomparable with other winches), especially for areas with plenty of water. It is easy to install and can realize multi position installation and rapid displacement.


Disadvantages: it can not be used for a long time (due to the limitation of the vehicle's own power system, easy heating, etc.), most electric winches can only provide a small driving force and can only exert force in one direction (it can only be pulled forward when installed in front of the vehicle, and can only be pulled backward when installed in the rear).