Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic winch

2020-04-22 13:26:21

Hydraulic winch (hydraulic winch, hydraulic winch) is a winch product that uses the hydraulic power steering system or independent high-pressure oil pump provided by the vehicle as its power source.


Application of Hydraulic Winch: it is widely used in extreme cross-country, fire fighting and road rescue, industrial and commercial towing.


Advantages of Hydraulic Winch: it is easy to install, because the external fixed part is basically universal, and even can be interchanged in the field. The driving force is between the electric winch and the PTO winch, and the high temperature opportunity is extremely rare, stable and durable, and can work continuously, and can work overload to a certain extent.


Disadvantages of the hydraulic winch: if the vehicle's own hydraulic power steering system is used as the power source, like the PTO winch, the engine driving force must be used, that is, the engine must be kept rotating, and once the power steering system fails, it cannot be used (in some off-road environments, the power steering system is vulnerable to external damage); if the independent high-pressure oil pump is used, it needs to Reliable power supply (electric pump driven by battery) to ensure normal operation of oil supply pump or engine (mechanical pump powered by transfer case).