Advantages of electric control system of mine hoist

2020-05-07 14:26:48

The frequency conversion mine hoist is the main equipment which is convenient for people and materials in the mine work. Efficient and safe use of frequency conversion mine hoist can not only ensure the safety of personnel and working process, but also improve the working efficiency of the mine.


The development process of the electric control system of the frequency conversion mine hoist should be toward the new type of equipment which is unmanned, networked, remote controlled and fully automatic.


The features of frequency conversion electric control for mining are as follows:


1. FX2N PLC is used as the main control device of the console. It is designed and manufactured in full accordance with the requirements of GB / T17626 electromagnetic compatibility standard.


2. Because the control system is controlled by PLC, it is easy to realize the locking control of the main belt conveyor and the front and rear equipment.


3. Through real-time detection of the speed of the conveyor, the main console controls the brake action of the conveyor at zero speed, and automatically holds the brake, so as to avoid the over-current of the conveyor's trolley, frequency converter and motor.


4. The frequency converter is used to complete the start-up and speed regulation of the motor, which can realize the stable start-up and speed regulation requirements of the belt conveyor. Besides, it has obvious energy-saving effect under the condition of long-time and low-speed operation (such as transportation, rope inspection and belt inspection).


5. Through the network platform, the frequency converter can realize the automatic data exchange, has the function of automatic adjustment of operation parameters, has good dynamic follow-up of the master and slave motors, and ensures the power balance of multiple motors.


6. The system has comprehensive fault monitoring and reliable fault alarm protection functions. With over-voltage, over-current, under voltage, short circuit, grounding, overheating and other protection functions.


7. It has the function of low-speed band inspection. The belt inspection speed is 0.2 M / S ~ ve rated speed adjustable.


As the necessary frequency conversion mine hoist for ore construction, it must ensure the perfection of its electric control equipment, realize the numerical control and intelligent control of the mine, ensure the safe and efficient operation, output high production resources, and lay a good foundation for the new digitalization of the mine in the future.