Cleaning method of electric winch

2020-08-12 09:03:31

The electric winch is a life-saving magic weapon for off-road vehicles to explore, travel long distances, and encounter mud pits and swamps. It can make the off-road vehicle pull out the car in the case of flameout, but the long-distance journey will inevitably suffer from dust and other impurities, making it not clean, so how to clean it? Let's explain it to you.



1. Take off the winch, wipe the surface with a wet cloth, apply antirust paint, and remove the cable.


2. Prepare a bucket or basin to put soapy water, and put the removed cable into the water.


3. Hold a section with one hand, push the two hands to the middle to make the sand fall out. Repeat the operation until one is cleaned.


4. After cleaning, change the bucket of clean water, clean it, and then dry it.


5. Check whether there is any damage to the circuit. If so, wrap it with insulating tape.


6. Open the motor shell to clean the dust and check the interior of the motor for damage.


7. Apply lubricating oil to the parts to be lubricated.


8. Assemble it and put it back on the car.


The above is the cleaning work of the electric winch. Timely cleaning is the premise of normal use. If you have anything else or want to know about the products, please contact us at any time.

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