Difference between hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump of hoist

2020-07-09 10:24:03

The hydraulic motor of lifting winch is an executive component of the hydraulic system, which can be applied to many different industries such as construction machinery and construction machinery. Next, let's see the differences between the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic pump.


1Structural differences:


1. The motor uses the high-pressure oil to drive the output shaft to rotate for power output.


2. The pump is to pump the oil out of the oil cylinder by turning on the power. Generally, the vacuum degree generated by the change of the closed volume is used to absorb the oil. The volume becomes smaller, and the high pressure generated after compression will eject the oil from another port.


2Operating speed difference:


1. Generally, it is allowed to work under the pressure exceeding 20% to 50% of the rated pressure in a short time, but the instantaneous pressure cannot appear at the same time with the speed.


2. The back pressure of the oil return circuit of the motor has certain obstruction. When the back pressure is large, leakage oil pipe must be set.


3. The actual speed should not be lower than the very low speed of the motor to avoid crawling. When the required speed of the system is low, and the performance parameters such as speed and torque of the motor are not easy to meet the working requirements, a speed reduction mechanism can be added between the motor and the main engine driven by the motor.

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