How to correctly use winch (III) - correctly use tree holding belt (trailer belt)

2021-10-30 19:20:58

How to correctly use winch (III) - correctly use tree holding belt (trailer belt)

Use high-strength polyester tree belt

When the tree is used as the fixed point of the winch, the winch wire should be connected to the nylon belt wound on the trunk. Never directly wind the winch wire on the tree. The strength polyester tree holding belt plays three roles:

1. People who pass through this section behind you can still use the same tree as the fixed point, because nylon tree holding belt can protect the tree. People who are not aware of this should reflect on their attitude. Failure to do so means giving legislators reasons to close off-road sections.

2. Help to follow the principle of "ecological off-road"! It won't leave permanent marks on the tree.

3. Protect your winch wire. Winding the winch wire around the tree and hooking it on the winch wire will kink and damage the winch wire.

It is very convenient to use the trailer belt as the tree holding belt. There are two different views on the use of nylon tree holding belt. One thinks that the strength polyester tree holding belt should be sleeved on the tree, and the other thinks that it should be wound 1-2 times on the tree; Those who hold both views think their method is better for trees. Those who believe that "the tree holding belt is bypassed from behind the trunk" believe that hanging the tree holding belt only behind the trunk can protect the bark in front of the trunk; Those who insist on "winding 1-2 circles" think that their method can disperse the force along the circumference of the trunk to better protect the bark. The rings formed by nylon bands around the trunk rub against each other to prevent improper tension from strangling the tree. Personally, I think it would be better to wrap the nylon tree around the trunk for 1-2 times, but I don't know the correct answer. As you can see in the pictures in this book, I use both methods.


The strength polyester tree holding belt and trailer Belt should be sewn into solid rings at both ends. Pass the D-type lifting lug through the rings at both ends to make the nylon ring cover the bending part of the lifting lug. Screw the bolt at the open end of the lifting lug. After tightening, return the bolt for half a circle or one circle, and withdraw it for half to one circle to avoid the bolt jamming after heavy towing.

The strength polyester tree holding belt wrapped around the tree and the iron chain wrapped around the boulder or log should be long enough to avoid forming an obtuse angle at the D-type lifting lug, which will be stronger if an acute angle is formed. In other words, the farther the rings at both ends of the nylon belt are from the tree, the stronger it will be.