How to install electric winch more reasonable

2020-07-29 15:31:44

ATV/UTV Electric winch is a necessary tool in off-road vehicle, it can calmly rescue the vehicle from the predicament. If we learn the correct use and installation method, it is more convenient for us to save ourselves or each other in the field. Next, we will introduce how to install the winch reasonably.


First of all, insert the remote control into the winch, pay attention to the correct insertion of the connection head, and wrap the redundant wire to avoid affecting the work.


Secondly, pull out the winch, use the remote control to release the instigator a little, and then open the winch hook and clutch. Pay attention to opening the hook first and then opening the clutch.


Then find a fixed and safe fulcrum to ensure that it can bear the full weight of the car. Hold the winch hook by hand and pull it to the fulcrum position, and lock the clutch.


Finally, check again whether the fixed fulcrum is reliable, which is a crucial step. If there is no safe fulcrum, it can not play its best performance.


Reasonable installation of electric winch is very important, it is directly related to our operation and use effect, we must pay attention to it, if you are not clear, you can follow the above content as a reference, there are other specific problems, please call us.

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