How to use Off road winch?

2020-06-28 18:10:10

Off road Winch is called "the fifth drive of 4x4". It is necessary for off-road rescue equipment. When your car gets stuck in the mud in the wild, only the electric winch is the most effective tool for you to get out of trouble at the moment. There are not many people who know this, but most of them only know it. How to use winch correctly and safely? Here, we will teach you to start with the most basic operation.

1. Which winch does your off-road vehicle need?
Simple formula: vehicle weight (kg) × 1.5 / * 0.8 * 2 / 0.9 = required starting tension pounds of winch.
If you find calculation difficult, you can refer to this table

2、 Accessories for using winch

In addition to the winch, some auxiliary items are indispensable for the safe and smooth use of the winch: a pair of strong protective gloves, a tree belt, U-shaped lifting eyes, cable flags and splint pulleys.

Special protective gloves can provide protection when holding the rope with both hands to avoid injury and infection in the wild.
Holding tree belt is used to fix the fulcrum, and sometimes it is used as winch extension rope.
The U-shaped lifting lug can connect the hook with the belt and the winch, and two are required for general vehicles.
The clamp pulley can increase the pulling force or change the pulling direction.
In fact, the general method now is to prepare a winch kit set on the vehicle, which is convenient and easy to carry. In addition to those items that cannot be used, there are also winch extension ropes, which are also important items that can be used.

3. Operation before dragging
1)Wear gloves before operation to avoid hand injury. Insert the cable end of the winch controller into the winch control port (this step is not required for the wireless remote control). Use the remote control to set out the cable and pull out the winch hook at the same time.

2)Use the winch controller to release the cable. After opening the clutch and pulling out the winch hook, hold the hook with only one hand and release the cable.

3)Stay wire
Hold the hook with one hand and pull the cable to the fulcrum. Make sure that the cable has enough tension, otherwise the cable on the drum is easy to be twisted and tangled, resulting in damage. It is particularly important to use the steel cable.

It must be ensured that the cable has more than 3-5 turns on the drum, otherwise the cable will be loose from the drum under heavy load. For example, if the end of comeup cable is red, when the cable turns red, the operator will be warned that the rope can not be pulled out.

4)Connecting fulcrum
If the car is not stuck badly, we usually connect the rescue vehicle to the rescue vehicle and drag it out directly. Put the bolt of the U-shaped lifting eye through the trailer hook of the vehicle to be rescued. After tightening the bolt, turn it back 1 / 2 circle to prevent it from being too tight and difficult to remove after the rescue. Then hook the winch hook to the U-shaped lifting lug bow.

5)、Preparation before dragging
Using the winch remote control, slowly tighten the cable until it is tight. Make sure the winch clutch is locked, otherwise the winch drum will idle without any tension.

Put the flag in the middle of the taut cable. When the cable is suddenly disconnected, the cable flag can play a buffering role to avoid injury to people and vehicles.

The irrelevant personnel shall evacuate to the safety area (the area beyond the circle drawn with twice the cable degree between the vehicle and the tree as the radius and the center of the cable as the center), and then notify the personnel on site to start the trailer loudly.

6)Winch rescue
Use the remote control to slowly and steadily pull the winch rope. During this process, it is necessary to ensure that the cable is evenly and tightly wound on the winch drum. In addition, when using the electric winch for rescue, the engine of the rescue vehicle should be started at the same time, and the accelerator should be stepped on gently, so as not to exhaust the battery power of the rescue vehicle owner.

Continue to pull until the rescue vehicle drives on the stable ground. If the vehicle can walk normally, the winch dragging operation can be stopped.

7). Parking take-up
After parking, pull on the handbrake to ensure that the gear is in the parking state, and then clean up the car. Hold the cable to maintain a constant preload, and use the winch controller to recover it slowly, so that the cable is neatly arranged on the drum.

After all the cables are retracted, fix the towing hook. If the  cable controller is retracted, remove the plug from the winch control box, and cover the waterproof cap on the socket of the control box, so that the winch operation is completed. If you have soiled cables, guides, or winch components in the field, be sure to clean them after you go home.

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