How to use the electric winch correctly?

2020-05-20 14:22:07

If one day I heard that someone was driving a horse herder on the moon, I would not be surprised. After all, people who love cross-country can be really tossed. All day long, I want to run in the gully. In the desert Gobi waves, I always like to take a bad road to break through. Do ordinary people have this courage. But no matter how big your heart is, it's hard to avoid capsizing in the gutter, such as sinking, overturning and breakdown `What do you say about all this happening in the wilderness?


So, no winch, no cross-country, cross-country people who have suffered great losses summed up this cross-country law. Today, what Xiaobian wants to share with you is the use strategy of the electric winch.

Advantages of electric winch


There are many kinds of winches, but electric winches are the most popular type of cross-country people. Why? Because it's petite, good and obedient, who can not be moved. Don't miss it. What Xiaobian wants to say is that it's small in size, doesn't take up a lot of space, and it's easy to install. It can be installed at the front or the rear of the car, as you like.


It can also provide strong pulling force. It's no problem to drag a ton of off-road vehicle. However, this pulling force is realized by the cooperation of the motor and reducer with the maximum power of only 3 or 4 kilowatts, which can't be more than four or two thousand kilograms.


It also has the advantage that it can be used normally even when the car is off. Because it can use the car battery power to pull, so as long as the battery has power. Think about how reassuring it would be if your car stalled in the water.


When to use electric winch


Understand the advantages of electric winch, it's time to show. In the actual off-road process, it can be used in these situations:


The first situation is: Car sinking.


Car sinking is most likely to occur in soft and slippery terrain, such as desert, mire, swamp, snow, etc. in these places, the wheel adhesion is poor, it is easy to slip, resulting in the original digging pit, resulting in the wheel stuck, unable to move. I believe that every cross-country player has definitely had the experience of car sinking.


The second situation is vehicle failure.


It's a common thing that the car breaks down. Whether it's self driving or off-road racing, it's just like this. The priority is to repair directly, but if the repair is not good, it must be towed back to repair by electric winch or to a safe place for rescue.


The third situation is rollover.


Rollover is not only a bridge section that will appear in cross-country competitions. If there are some difficult cross-country challenges, such as desert slope, pit climbing, rock climbing, etc., although playing with stimulation, a little wrong driving may lead to rollover accidents. In this case, the car can hardly drive. There is no other way but to be dragged away.


The fourth situation is: assisted driving.


In the process of off-road, if you can't pass some sections, for example, the slope is too steep and slippery, you can use the electric winch to assist the climbing, that is, use the strong traction of the electric winch, plus the power of the car itself, the success rate will be much higher.


The fifth situation is to clean up the roadblocks


When driving in mountainous areas, you may encounter falling boulders or fallen trees and other roadblocks. At this time, you can use electric winch to clean them up, so you don't need to take a long way. In addition, it can be used to drag some heavy objects.


Operation method of electric winch


Operation of electric winch requires attention to methods, otherwise it is easy to hurt yourself. Next, take the situation of car sinking as an example to tell you the specific operation methods.


Before operation, wear protective gloves to avoid hand injury. First, connect the winch remote control cable. If there is no wireless remote control, it will not be used. Then open the clutch on the winch and use the remote control to release the cable. When pulling the rope, it must be ensured that the cable has more than 5 turns on the drum, otherwise, when heavy load occurs, the cable will be loose from the drum.


If the sinking is not deep, the rescue vehicle can be used as a fixed fulcrum to connect with the rescued vehicle; if the sinking is very serious, then use rocks or trees as a fixed fulcrum to connect with the sinking vehicle.


When the cable is connected, turn off the winch clutch, and use the remote control to control the dragging until the vehicle is out of trouble and can drive normally. After use, remember to clean and maintain the electric winch, otherwise it will affect the service life.


Finally, add that when purchasing the electric winch, the number in the winch model indicates its maximum tension, which is the limit state of use. Therefore, the principle of winch selection is generally 1.5 times the pulling force of the dead weight of the vehicle. For example, if the weight is 1.6 tons of Cherokee, the winch tension should not be less than 5333 pounds, so it is recommended to use a winch with 8000 pounds or more.