Installation and principle of vehicle winch and electric winch

2020-09-15 14:59:33

Installation of winch


Installation method of vehicle mounted electric winch for field use. The installation of electric winch is not complicated, but it is a very important step, because the correct installation is directly related to the effect of electric winch in use. The most important thing here is to pay attention to the knot condition of the winch drum, and ensure the uniform winding of the winch before and during the whole use process.



The specific installation process is as follows:


1. Plug in the remote control. Insert the remote control cable end into the winch.


2. Do not let the remote control cable hang. If you are a driver and operate the remote control in the driver's seat, it will be much more convenient to wind the extra wires around the side mirror.


3. Pull out the winch, let it out a little with the remote control, and then open the winch hook installed on the side of the winch.


4. Open the clutch. Attention, be sure to open the hook before opening the clutch.


5. Hold the winch hook in your hand. Hold the hook with one hand as you pull the winch off the drum so that you can't miss the hook no matter how long you pull it.


6. After pulling the winch to the fulcrum, lock the clutch. The winch is now ready.


Fixed fulcrum, if you want to pull the car forward, there must be a safe place to fix the fulcrum, and the fulcrum must be able to bear the full weight of the car. The most basic principle is to pull in front of the car and not to make an angle. In off-road driving, the most commonly used fulcrum is the tree. However, if the winch is used to rescue another trapped vehicle, the rescue vehicle can also be used as a fulcrum. However, in this case, the wheels must be blocked to prevent it from rolling, that is, to ensure that the rescue vehicle will not move.


No matter what kind of winch is used, if there is no safe fulcrum, its potential can not be fully realized. In other words, fixing the fulcrum is an important step when using the winch. When the winch is used, a belt is also needed to connect the winch, fulcrum, winch hook and U-shaped lifting lug. If the winch does not have enough force to drag heavy objects with single wires, it is necessary to use double lines to enhance its strength. At this time, a tightening pulley is also needed.

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