Installation method of hand winch

2020-08-26 09:47:21

Hand winch, also known as manual winch, is a kind of manual winch with self brake. Its working principle is that the winch drum can be lifted by shaking the hand handle of winch by hand. The winch wire drum driven by gear is pulled by rotating the wire rope wound on it. The following to understand the winch installation method and use advantages.


1Safety: the manual winch is equipped with an automatic brake device. When the steel rope of the winch lifts heavy objects, if the drum of the winch stops rotating and remains stationary, the brake function will be automatically opened, which will make the operation more humane and safer.


2Convenience. Its most prominent feature is easy to carry. It is small in size and does not need power supply. It is another excellent choice besides the vehicle winch. When there is no power supply and all kinds of rescue are needed in the field, it is a very recommended equipment.


Installation method of hand winch


(1) Install the winch: after taking out the winch, turn the hexagon screw and the thin gasket from the end of the gear. Fix the nut on the handle to the trapezoidal turbine at the end of the gear so that the inside of the nut is close to the friction part. Then, tighten the screw and the thin gasket.


(2) Installation of winch wire rope: loosen the hexagon screw on the left fixed plate of the winch drum, and take down the fixed plate from the steel wire rope and the screw with oval head and square column. One end of the wire rope is wound on the drum in a clockwise direction, and the other end passes through the long, round and arc-shaped hole on the left side of the guardrail. The exposed length of wire rope shall be 7-10 cm. Pass the screw with oval head and square column through the square hole on the left side of the reel from inside to outside. Put it into the steel wire rope fixing plate, make the steel wire rope rotate around the screw, pull it back, insert the steel wire rope into the fixed plate, and then tighten and fix it with the hexagon nut, and shake the handle to make the wire rope wind on the winding shaft (when winding the wire rope, keep its tension).


(3) Use three screws and nuts to secure the winch to the base. The base can withstand heavy loads.


Manual winch can be used to rescue vehicles in bad environment such as snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain road, etc., and may be used for clearing obstacles, dragging goods and installing facilities of manual winch under other conditions. It is an indispensable safety device for military police, petroleum, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, border defense manual winch, fire control and other field sports.