Introduction of winch parts

2020-10-23 15:40:37

There are many types of winches, such as electric winch, winch powered by engine ring of automobile, and winch operated by hydraulic pump. Perhaps the most used by off-road people is the electric winch, which gets power from the car's battery to drive the motor and drive the winch. This kind of winch is very convenient, because it can stand anywhere and operate by the knob on the remote control. This winch has an advantage, that is, even if the bow engine can not start, as long as there is electricity in the battery, it can be operated.


1. Relay transmission


The relay transmission receives signals from the remote control, and the internal circuit of the relay transmission can change the direction of the motor.


2. Winch Guide


If it is necessary to use a winch to work at an angle, this guide can direct the winch to the drum. If there is a roller, it is called the roller winch guide.


3. Winch drum


The winch drum is driven by the electric motor just like the cylinder body wound by the winch. The direction can be changed through the remote control button. Heavy capstans have heavier ropes and therefore larger drums.


4. Clutch


The combiner is responsible for opening and closing the winch drum. It is controlled by a simple handle.


5. Remote control


This remote control enables you to control the noose from a distance. Here is the most common model with a wire attached to the winch. There are also wireless remote controls on the market.