Is the wire rope diameter of electric winch bigger the better?

2020-08-19 09:08:46

In the process of lifting, the larger the diameter of the wire rope, the greater the load-bearing capacity of the wire rope will be. In the electric winch, is the larger the diameter of the wire rope better?


The electric winch relies on the steel wire rope for lifting. The length of the wire rope is closely related to the lifting height of the electric winch. However, the area of the drum of the electric winch is limited, and the size of the wire arranging device is also specified. Therefore, in the electric winch, it is not the larger the diameter of the wire rope, the better.


In the process of hoisting, the wire rope is used to pay off or take up the wire. In order to ensure the uniformity of the wire rope arrangement, the electric winch is designed with a wire arranging device. During the hoisting process, the wire rope runs in the wire arranging device. If the diameter of the wire rope is changed randomly, the danger of hoisting will be increased.


The above is the introduction of the diameter of the wire rope in the electric winch. As one of the important operating parts of the electric winch, the parameters of the wire rope are also strictly regulated.

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