Is your SUV equipped with the right winch?

2020-10-13 14:32:46

The winch was actually used in cars, starting from Willis MB in World War II. After the United States entered the war, it often fell into sand pits or shell holes in the open desert battlefield of North Africa. In addition, the heavy body made it very difficult to rescue! Therefore, the U.S. military began to use the winch for self-help on the car, and the original car winch is a steel wire rope tied in front of the body, and then began to use the motor, with real self-help function! After the end of World War II, the winch was vigorously pursued by cross-country fans, and it is also one of the necessary sharp tools for refitting off-road vehicles!

Pulley / tree belt / ground anchor

Using the pulley skillfully can not only enlarge the winch tension, but also change the tension angle and direction, so as to cope with some special rescue scenes

Tree belt is particularly important in the jungle crossing, it can help itself out of the woods with the help of big trees.

The ground anchor is a self-made anchor tool for rescue. However, the ground anchor is usually heavy (16 kg) and it is very inconvenient to carry. It is usually replaced by a spare tire and a monkey pole buried in the ground.

< cooperate with the tree belt to rescue themselves >

With the moving pulley, the pulling force is doubled

< pulley changes pulling direction >

In short, the use of winch, need to be more practice in the actual rescue. Mastering the use of winch / pulley / tree belt / ground anchor will surely make your cross-country road more leisurely.

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