Keep a safe distance when operating the electric winch remotely

2020-11-06 14:22:01

Human beings are constantly developing, and science and technology are also constantly developing. The appearance of wired power facilitates people's contact, and the emergence of wireless network is more convenient for people's life. In the process of lifting, some electric winches are operated by wireless remote control, but we need to maintain a good distance when operating.


1、 The winch and the operation remote control are operated by means of wireless, but the wireless distance is specified. In the process of lifting, if the distance is far, it may lead to remote control failure, but if the distance is too close, it will increase the risk of lifting.


2When carrying out the lifting work, people need to pay attention to the operation of the lifting objects at all times. Therefore, when using the remote control operation winch, it is also necessary to select the appropriate operation site, so as to observe the lifting situation of the lifting objects in detail and make timely response measures.

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