Lubricating grease for different parts of electric winch

2020-12-02 14:18:21

For lifting machinery, lubrication is one of the indispensable maintenance work, but the lubrication work of different machinery will be different. The following section introduces the lubrication of electric winch.


The use of electric winch is more convenient and its lubrication is more complex. When we lubricate other lifting machinery, such as chain block, we only need to select high-quality lubricating grease. However, when we do lubrication work for winch, we need to select high-quality and various kinds of grease. Different parts of the winch have different lubricating grease.


1Gear lubrication, before each use, we need to do lubrication work for the gear to reduce the wear between the gears.


2Lubrication of reducer. Some reducers will use cylinder oil for lubrication. When lubricating, the worm should be immersed in the oil.

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