Related principles of hydraulic winch

2020-06-23 09:57:25

The related principle of hydraulic winch is analyzed as follows:


ATV/UTV Winch In the design of hydraulic system, if the design is not scientific and reasonable, it may not achieve the expected purpose in the practical application. Different hydraulic systems should be analyzed according to the actual situation, understand the function of various components in the system and their interrelations, and combine them reasonably, so as to achieve the predetermined performance requirements. For the application of throttle valve, we can try to choose different types of throttle valve To improve the performance of the hydraulic system and make the system meet the requirements of the work


Type and development of throttle valve


From the point of view of regulating mode, throttle valve can be divided into manual regulating flow valve and electric regulating flow width. Manual regulating flow valve is the basic form of throttle valve, and also the form of throttle valve when it was born. With the development of hydraulic technology, its performance in all aspects has been greatly improved, and its structural form tends to diversified development. Now there are stacked throttle valve and other structures. The main products of electric regulating flow valve are electric Liquid proportional throttle valve (to be described in detail in the later part). Many structures of electro-hydraulic ratio inverted throttle valve are based on the structure of manual control flow valve and integrated with electronic control proportional control mechanism such as ratio feeding electromagnet. According to function and purpose, throttle valve can be divided into one-way throttle valve, two-way throttle valve, multi-way throttle valve, speed regulating valve, etc


At present, the one-way throttle valve is a flow regulating element commonly used in hydraulic systems at home and abroad. The DRV type one-way throttle valve produced has been widely used in hydraulic systems, such as domestic licensed products and Shanghai No.2 hydraulic parts factory. The structure of the miniature one-way throttle valve shown in Figure 1-11 is improved and designed on the basis of the DRV type one-way throttle valve, Small diameter is adopted to make the valve suitable for small flow control, so as to ensure the effective and sensitive response of the valve to flow control. At the same time, the throttle valve core for flow control adopts segmented type, i.e. the upper end is the regulating rod and the lower end is the piston. Compared with DRV type one-way throttle, the valve has the following advantages: in processing technology, under the premise of ensuring the performance of the valve, the processing accuracy of the regulating rod is greatly reduced It avoids the two-stage concentricity requirement of DRV throttle valve core, achieves the simple processing, reduces the cost and is easy to implement, and simultaneously processes the adjusting rod 1 and the piston 2, shortens the processing cycle and improves the work efficiency, especially in the mass production, the economic benefit is significant; the debugging and maintenance are extremely convenient. The throttle valve shown in Fig. 1-12 is a kind of valve with three functions of hydraulic control, one-way and throttle. The valve can realize three working conditions: from port d to port C, it is normally open and fully open, which means quick opening; from port C to port D, when pressure oil comes from control port a, valve cores 4 and 6 are downward and fully open, which means quick closing; from port C to port D, when a is unloaded, valve cores 4 and 6 are upward, which means slow opening Close