Selection of hydraulic winch for vehicle

2020-04-17 16:31:24

Rated tension

The winch should be purchased according to the weight of the car and your hobbies. The relationship between the weight of the car and the winch is: when the maximum pulling force of the winch is more than twice to half of the weight of the car, it is more reliable. As for the relationship between your hobbies and the winch, for example, you like to play with snow and sand on the muddy Road, which makes a great difference in the selection of the winch, so 1.5 times the weight of the car is far from enough, and the pulling force of the winch is much higher.

Line speed

Many people may ask if the speed of winch recovery really matters? The answer is yes. Speed is very important, because if the car is bogged down and the winch is used to pull it fast, the front wheel can be assisted to get out of the mud pit, and then the rear wheel will also get out of the mud pit. If the winch speed is slow, the front wheel spin and slip will continuously cut and push the mud pit forward, the chance of getting out of the mud pit will be reduced, and the winch work load will be increased, which is also very hard. Most winches are very fast when they are unloaded. As the load increases, the wire speed will drop sharply, basically within the range of two to five feet per minute. The high-speed winch uses a higher power motor, and the battery consumption is faster; "high speed" is mainly reflected in no-load or low load, and the speed advantage is no longer obvious under heavy load.


Now there are two kinds of ropes commonly used on Winch: steel wire rope and nylon rope. Compared with nylon rope, steel wire rope is more wear-resistant, heat-resistant and relatively cheap. Of course, it is inferior to nylon rope in weight. Nylon rope is light in weight and strong in toughness. It can still be used after knots are killed when the rope breaks.


Winch accessories can ensure that the winch operation process is more safe and simple. For example, roller rope guide, wireless remote control for winch operation in safe area, tree holding belt, U-shaped shackle, sizing block, moving pulley and leather gloves. Maybe you need an anchor.