The difference between automobile manual winch and automobile electric winch

2020-12-29 14:15:37

Winch is divided into manual winch and electric winch.

Winch is mainly used in off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV sports cars, yachts and other special vehicles, and is an important tool for vehicle and ship self-help. It can also be used in military and police, oil, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, border defense, fire and other outdoor sports, especially off-road vehicles.

The working mode of electric winch is to convert the power of automobile engine into civil power, drive the motor, drag the lasso, and magically enlarge the output power through the planetary gear reducer set in it, so as to realize the function of reducing speed and increasing torque. Such a small object can drag a heavy off-road vehicle without any effort.

Manual winch, also known as hand winch, is a kind of mechanical equipment, which can pull goods by hand shaking winch drum. The winch wire rope drum driven by gear rotates the wire rope wound on it to pull the goods. It has automatic braking device, which makes the operation more reliable. When the winch wire rope pulls the goods and the winch drum remains stationary, the brake will open automatically. When all kinds of rescue work are needed, manual winch is a substitute for vehicle winch. It is easy to carry and can be connected from any direction of the car. Light and firm, electroplated pressed steel structure, steel cable is pushed by pulley through two fixed forks. When the winch is in forward mode, these forks pull the cable and are also an automatic braking system. As the grip increases, the fork locks automatically. Manual winches can also be used for lifting (the lifting force is about 65% of the towing force).