What are the characteristics of electric winch gear

2020-10-31 16:48:20

Capstan is a kind of machinery with vertically installed capstan, which can wind but not store ropes under power drive. It also refers to the winch whose rotation axis is vertical to the deck. It is a self-protection and traction device for vehicles and ships. It can carry out self-help and rescue in the bad environment such as snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain road, etc., and can clear obstacles, drag goods, etc. under other conditions Installation of facilities is an indispensable safety device for military police, petroleum, hydrology, environmental protection, forestry, traffic, public security, border defense, fire control and other outdoor sports. It is mainly used for off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV all terrain vehicles, yachts, fire rescue vehicles, road clearance vehicles and other special vehicles and special vehicles.


1. The winch's traction is determined in pounds, which can be converted into tons or kilograms by conversion. Choose a winch with a high pound because the weight of the trapped vehicle is often much higher than the daily weight. Do not pull objects that exceed the winch's pull.


2. The more the number of coils on the outer ring, the smaller the tension. The winch with a long reel can reduce the number of turns to increase the traction of the outer ring. For the same winch, the traction force of the outer ring of the shorter cable is larger than that of the longer cable.

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